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Promote Your Listing


Sell More Products

Advertising solutions to help drive product sales.

Increase Your Visibility

When advertising with Mandolla, your product is most likely to be seen among users.

Maximize Your Cash

As your visibility increase, so will your cash!

Where do my promoted listings appear?

Promoted listings appear in a variety of placements to make it easier for shoppers to discover your products. Promoted listings will show up on the homepage and on top when shoppers type in a product or search by category.

Where are shoppers taken to when they click on my ads?

When shoppers click on your ads, they are directed to the product detail page.

How much are promoted listings?

Promoted listing plans with Mandolla start at $9.99 for the Standard plan, $14.99 for the Pro plan and $49.99 for the Pro+ Plan.

How many listings will I be able to promote?

Standard is 1 listing, Pro is 3 listings and Pro+ is 10 listings.

Promote Your Listing!

Find a plan that fits you and boost visibility with Promoted Listings.



For Life Time

  • Free Listings
  •   Featured ads availability
  • For Life Time
  • 100% Secure!



For 30 Day Only

  • Featured Listing
  • 1  Featured ads availability
  • For  30  Day Only
  • 100% Secure!



For 110 Day Only

  • Featured Listings
  • 10  Featured ads availability
  • For  110  Day Only
  • 100% Secure!