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How It Works

We bring True Innovation Beyond a Listing

Browse Locally

Browse millions of listings locally. Don’t want to wait days for a package to arrive? You can agree to drop off or pick up the item from any convenient and safe destination.

Make Offers

 Negotiate the price with the seller, giving you the opportunity to buy the item for less than the Buy It Now price.

Sell In Seconds

Mandolla is easy . Take a snapshot, answer a few questions, and your listing is up in second.

Bringing Users Together, One Post at a Time

Secure Questions

Secure Questions is a favorite! Know what you’re getting by reading the item conditions and if any accessories are missing.

Follow Users

Keep up with your favorite buyers and sellers

Favorite Listings

Your Favorite Listings page shows all the listings that you’ve added to your favorites.

Connected Services

For all the assemblers, handymen and more, allow your listings to stand out by offering connected services.

Selling Tips

Take Good Pictures

Take good pictures. Make sure the item is easy to see and multiple angles are taken. Buyers are going to be suspicious of items that look “hidden” or “obscured.” Show them you have nothing to hide.

Answer Secure Questions Accurately

Secure questions are new but important. Consumers are scammed every day because of lack of information.  Answer secure questions accurately and honestly.

Condition descriptions differ by item category. Visit the Item Conditions page to help determine the condition you need to specify for your item. Item Conditions

How does Connected Services work?

Selling Services on Mandolla allows your listings to stand out. For all the assemblers, handymen and more, you can sell connected services straight from your listing to consumers.

Price Your Item Appropriately

Price varies, unless you have a special product, it’s not going to be worth as much as you paid for it new. See what other sellers are selling the item at and price accordingly.

Advertise With Mandolla

When advertising with Mandolla, your product is most likely to be seen among users. Start Advertising

Buying Tips

Meet In Public

Never give a buyer your personal address and don’t ask them to give you theirs. Meet in a place with lots of people. For example malls and coffee shops, make excellent meeting spots.

Meet In Person

Meeting in person may feel risky, but it is better from a financial safety perspective. Meeting in person assures you will get your product. Mandolla offers a verification method that lets buyers and sellers buy and sell confidently. Members who are verified are more successful on Mandolla and let others trust you more easily. Get Verified

Accept Cash Only

It is recommended all users accept cash only. Selling your item for cash on the spot is the only way you can be certain that you’ll be paid. Any users requesting PayPal please be worry.

Never Give Out Personal Information

Never give out personal information, including address, financial information, etc. The best form of communication is through Mandolla under the contact form on the listing or under the comments.

Give us Feedback

Our number one priority is you! How can we make Mandolla better?


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