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About Mandolla


Mandolla was founded in November of 2015 with one mission, “change the way consumers interact as one big Online community.” The original Idea of Mandolla was formed back in 2009, CEO LaMario Favron Jr. was telling everyone about his challenges and experiences while shopping Online. In a matter of seconds, everyone began sharing similar stories and at that moment we noticed a huge problem that still exist today. As former Online buyers and sellers the team noticed that the consumer-to-consumer experience was risky, unreliable, and complicated. The Mandolla team found it difficult to profit or even sell items as people were outed by vendors, high commission fee’s or scams.

Over the course of four years the idea struggled as Mandolla was an entity but not yet a formality. As of January 4, 2016, Mandolla became an established business. At the first ever official meeting held in 2015, the “Mandolla method” as it was called, was thrown out. The very idea the great CEO once thought would lead to billions became a subtle reality of nothingness, but all hope was not lost. The Mandolla team soon banded together through the struggle. As its star members shined helping to form what now separates and establishes Mandolla from all the rest.

The team researched and incorporated the best elements from the most popular and best websites we and created one.

We wanted a very simple and super easy website, but not just for avid shoppers, but for everyday people to benefit and maximize their cash” CEO LaMario stated. “At a reach of your fingertips, Mandolla is accessible from anywhere and at any time.

The Mandolla team has worked hard and created something great. Meet Mandolla! The new way to buy and sell new & used products, while offering more for less. Everything you need, one tap away!

Everyday something great happens at Mandolla. Join and be apart of greatness that happens everyday.

Making a difference where it matters!